Sunday, March 9, 2014

Angelina Ballerina

I did a Angelina Ballarina theme cake and cupcakes for my friends daughter 4th birthday. Came out so cute. 
I mixed white fondant a whole pound and less then half of a small black fondant. I should of used even less cause the color came out a very dark gray vs a nice gray color that I wanted. 
Here's how it looked. Looks black but it's a dark gray. These round forms are for the cupcakes. 
Here's the Angelina head. I did each part at the same time I did the head. I noticed predoibg some things it drys too fast and I can't attach. The fondant is more softer and sticks better if you do it all at once. 
Here's are the heads for the cupcakes. I made 17 heads. Took about 2.5 hours to make all the heads. 
This is the cake topper. This came out really nice. I used fondant for this. I tried the Amaze n Shape by Wilton's and it didn't look good. 
Here's the Shape n Amaze. Don't really like how it holds so not a fan. Fondant holds up better in my option.  
I added the eyes and lashes with food coloring. Brings out the face. 
These are the cupcakes that will given out as favors. My friend came up with that idea. She was unable to find single boxes so I found this bag idea on Pintrest and told her about it.
Here's the cake. Easy to do. 
Sorry upside down but this is the finished product. It has clouds on the sides and stars going down the side. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Frozen Theme Birthday Party

So I was asked to do a Frozen Theme birthday. It came out so cute. Was a little nervous since I never made sugar candy but it was quite easy. 
I thought since I was nervous to make the ice candy just to use this and melt it. Yeah bad idea it started smoking and came out greenish in color. 
So I mixed sugar, light corn syrup and water and waited for the sugar to dissolve and then bring to a boil will the temp reached 300-310. Found a candy thermater for less then $6 at Safeway. 
Almost at 310. 
Here's how it looked once it got hard and I smashed it up. I used a metal spoon to crake it. 
There's the final product. She found the Frozen toys like a hour away from her house. These are all sold out everywhere. Guess Frozen is a popular movie. 
Happy birthday!!! (The kids couldn't keep they hands off the sugar ice) 

Monday, March 3, 2014


So I recently did a bday party and the request was Minons. I did cupcakes and a cake. I'm still learning how to do cakes but this one turned out really good. I used a different over to bake so hopefully they cakes and cupcakes where moist. 
These are the googles for the Minons. I used Duff's airbrush paint and used a pint brush to paint the fondant. 
Coming out cute so far. For the white eyes I had to flatten the part I stamped out so the googles fit nice on top. 
Came out super cute. I had to get new eidable pins and when I opened it up the black one of all thugs was missing simi had to use black fondant for the mouths. 
Here's the back of the cake. Almost had it but not good enough. Oh well my first time doing this cake. 
Finished product. It came out super cute. There's some little mistakes but it came out nice. Hope the two birthday kids enjoyed their cake and cupcakes. 

Take decorating classes

So I decided to retake some cake decorating classes again. Last time was 10 yrs ago and boy some things have changed. 
Here's some of that I've been learning so far 

Shaggy Mum Cupcake 
This cupcake I forgot the name. It didn't come out too well cause the light blue frosting was so soft. Super soft. Oh well still cute.